Testimonial Interview with Theresa & Curtis in Eugene OR

Testimonial Interview with Theresa & Curtis in Eugene OR

Testimonial Interview with Theresa & Curtis in Eugene OR

I had the pleasure of interviewing Theresa and Curtis Leach. They’ve been patients of Pure Life Chiropractic for over a year on and off. Since they've started chiropractic care in Eugene OR, they’ve transformed their lives and truly are new and better versions of themselves. Not only do they look different (weight loss, increased movement, bigger smiles, better posture) but they also feel better (no diabetic issues, decreased pain, increased range of motion) and they’re able to do the things that they couldn’t do before such as walking barefoot, gardening and standing long enough to cook for their family. Not only that, but since they’ve started care, they’ve taken the advice of our providers and incorporated new daily habits that have contributed to better health, such as the Sid Smoothie and Home Care Exercises. We are proud to have them as part of the Pure Life Chiropractic community! They’ve been recognized as Patients of the Month and were willing to take the time to interview me and share their experience with our clinic. ​

Patients of the Month in Eugene OR

Ashley Rose: Theresa, tell me why you and Curtis decided to seek care at Pure Life Chiropractic?

Theresa: We started Chiropractic care in Michigan, and went to one place in Eugene that did not do x-rays, profile pictures, or an exam before they worked on me. So, I looked on the internet and the name “Pure Life” stuck out because I wanted a pure life! After going through the exam, the very first one is where they take X-rays and they help you through it they tell you the process and they don't touch you until after that exam is done, which is a very good thing. They then set you up with therapies, adjustments, and massages as insurance permits. They also help you with their experience, strength, and hope as human beings, not just a very professional staff. I actually came in wearing this (big t-shirt). I'm now looking like this (showing her new slim body) and I have full movement, close to full movement in a 35-year-old shoulder injury.

Ashley Rose: What other improvements have you seen in your health and well-being since being a patient?

Theresa: I have been able to achieve the goals that I set here. One of them was just standing up long enough to cook for eight people, I do that a lot. Another one was to the garden. I have a fantastic Garden- just a HUGE garden and I’ve actually been able to share some of my produce here! For Curtis, he's been able to get up off the bed!!!

Curtis: Yeah, and I've walked Barefoot, something I haven’t done since 98!

Ashley Rose: Oh WOW!

Theresa: He had an injury in 98, where he fell off the roof three stories! He landed on his feet next to a running saw! So, he's had a little trauma over that and he's actually allowed them to work on his feet here, because he never has allowed people to touch his feet.

Curtis: Yep.

Theresa: In 15 years of marriage plus a couple of years we went out, I had never ever cut his toenails! I have recently been able to do that!

Chiropractic Eugene OR Theresa TestimonialAshley Rose: I’m so thankful you have those improvements here and you can finally get to those toenails, Theresa! What is different about Pure Life Chiropractic - that makes you feel like you're at home here?

Theresa: What makes me feel like Pure Life is home to me and is my 2nd home? I come in and the staff is always friendly and happy to see me, even if they're having a bad day. When I first came I was a diabetic and throwing up from low blood sugar in the massage rooms. They started carrying Kind bars to keep my sugar level up. I’m no longer a diabetic, because of that. The staff just kept working on me, how could I not come back?

Ashley Rose: What medications were you able to reduce after starting care?

Theresa: When I came here I had like 10 or 11 medications I was on. I'm now on 1 which has been lowered and I only keep it because it's a seizure medication and I drive - which I'm able to do now. Not just because of the medications, but because I'm stronger.

Ashley Rose: How does Pure Life chiropractic help you Live Life Without Limits?

Theresa: Because I'm able to move! I'm able to get out of bed. I get bored, I start pacing in my house. I’m up to like 5000 steps a day- when I couldn't make 1000 when I started wearing a watch.

Ashley Rose: How long have you been a patient?

Theresa: I’ve been a patient for approximately a year. I had to take some time off due to insurance and I came back due to the fact that I’d kept up with my own therapies at home and came back and you can get in better shape.

Chiropractic Eugene OR Patients of the Month

Ashley Rose: We love you guys because you've been so dedicated to your treatment plans and you’ve seen so much success! Can you tell somebody who is a new patient what they need to be successful as a patient here at PLC?

Theresa: COMMUNICATE! Communicate with not just the doctors but especially the massage therapists. Because you don't always know you hurt and they can get to the point and if you don't tell them, it can really hurt. Communicating with them and communicating about your therapies. If you can’t do your therapies, they’re not going to get mad. They’re so understanding!

Ashley Rose: What is it like having a team of practitioners at PLC caring for you?

Theresa: I like to see many Doctors because they all have their different strengths and methods. I like all of ours! I love how they do it. I like how Dr. A does my feet. Dr. J - I like how she does my neck!

Ashley Rose: What is it like doing therapies?

Theresa: Now it feels great! But, doing my therapies has been difficult at times. I loved my first traction because it stretched my stomach and everything and that’s what started tightening my stomach. I'm now doing traction that’s straightening my neck, I don't have a big lump anymore. Wobble chair, it takes a minute to get it down. But once you get it down it's fun! And the hydrobeds! OH MY GOSH! Those are just free to use for anyone!

Curtis: I really like the neck exercises and the lower back. Because of my fall, I couldn't hardly walk. Now I can do that and I can sleep at night too, without taking pain pills! If it wasn’t for you guys, I’d still be taking pain pills.

Ashley Rose: That makes me so happy to hear! Is there anything else you want to say?

Theresa: I just love this place! This is like my second home. Every time I'm on the way here and they’re like - “Oh God, she’s going to be in a better mood”! Because I come out of here feeling good.

Ashley Rose: What's your favorite thing to do here?

Theresa: Massage. I love the massage here, but the Hydro bed runs a close second!

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What a pleasure it is to see such great success in our patients and because of the care they received in our office, they’re able to live life without limits!

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