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Why we do what we do in Eugene OR:

At Pure Life Chiropractic, we've taken the time to outline our vision, purpose, mission, premise, and core values so our patients can understand the framework under which we make decisions in our practice and align with our beliefs on a core level. We are proud to share those with you! We are dedicated to helping our patients achieve better health and wellness and living a life without limits!

PLC = Positively Life Changing

Living Life Without Limits

Our vision is to create a community where health burdens no longer limit people from doing the things they love and achieving the dreams they’ve always had. We envision our impact being shared by our team and patients far beyond our four walls.

Our community is sick and getting sicker. There is nowhere else that people can gain a concrete understanding of how their body was meant to be. Health is a natural state and we function best when the nervous system is free of stresses. We exist to teach our patients that real measurable structural change is possible and leads to better health (physically/chemically/emotionally). We exist to remove limitations from the lives of our patients and team. People join our practice to be able to be supported through personal growth and feel that they are an integral part of something greater than themselves.

Our mission is to create better health through strong structure and ideal alignment. We connect with and empower individuals and families with the tools and training to remove limitations so they achieve their dreams and goals through structural corrective chiropractic care and lifelong healthy habits.

We believe optimal health can only be achieved through the correction and strengthening of your spinal structure, thus relieving the strain off of your nerves and allowing you to live life without limits.

Core Values

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How we do what we do:

We have created a community at our clinic with policies and procedures based on our shared company values. Our team has a passion for Chiropractic and gets regular care to keep their bodies functioning at optimal health.

We have a commitment to care!

  1. ​We take exceptional care of people.
    In everything we do and with everyone we encounter, we go the extra mile to take care of them, anticipate and exceed their needs, and provide compassionate care, exceptional service, and value.
  2. We always do what is right.
    With the utmost attention to detail and consistency, we do the right things with honesty and integrity, at the right time (even when no one’s watching). We have no excuses and have a can-do attitude.
  3. We relentlessly pursue results.
    We are always striving to be better at what we do and are never comfortable with where we are. We set goals, measure them, and find ways to achieve them. We are never satisfied in seeking to be better for our patients, our practice, and our team.
  4. We strive to gain mastery and share our expertise.
    We believe that educating our patients on their care makes them more satisfied and engaged, that's why we require them to join us for a Patient Intro Workshop and offer a variety of advanced workshops throughout the year. Knowledge is necessary to make any decision. We expect our patients to learn and gain information while under care in our office to fully express themselves. We attract educated individuals and strive to further their health and lifestyle education. Keeping ourselves up to date on the latest developments and advances in chiropractic so that we can seek out and embrace “worthwhile technology” to provide the best work environment for our team members and care for our patients. To share our knowledge of chiropractic with our community, referring offices, and other chiropractors.
  5. We support and engage our community.
    We contribute to our community through participation, donations, and encouragement of our practice, our patients, and our team’s endeavors and interests.
  6. We have FUN together!
    We are happy and it shows in everything we do. Hard work, done well, makes for a great team. We constantly seek to incorporate creative ways to have fun and keep work interesting and energizing. And, most importantly, we have light-hearted and playful attitudes that make it fun to be at work and bring everyone around us into the fun too!

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