Journey of Movement in Eugene OR

A Journey of Movement Eugene OR

Chiropractic Eugene OR Journey of Movement

Author: Jordan Brinkmeyer

Moving is Painful

Eight years ago I had a very traumatic car accident happen to me. Before this, I had very little trouble with moving my body the way I wanted. About eight months after the accident, I could hardly walk due to persistent pain in one of my knees. I pleaded with a surgeon to operate on my knee to see if anything was wrong, the MRI came back with no problems. After advocating for myself he operated and found that I had a tear in my ACL. Recovery was difficult after the surgery, however I was able to get to a point where I could walk with little pain.

A few years after the surgery my best friend asked if I wanted to try hiking with her. That was one of the best decisions of my life to date. I was a little worried because my knee still pained me every once in a while. I bought a lightweight knee brace in case I needed support and compression. A few months of hiking with my buddy and my dog, I saw an improvement in my mental health.

My hope is that this blog post can show people that anyone can do these outdoor activities in Eugene OR with a little bit of planning and a lot of patience.

Hiking Within Your Comfort Zone in Eugene OR

My buddy and I hike by two simple rules: We get there when we get there, and no hero hiking. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow we walk, the attraction at the end of the hike will still be there. The waterfall will not shut off, the lake will not disappear, or the view isn’t going anywhere. This ties in nicely with no hero hiking. Please don’t push beyond your current abilities. If anyone in the hiking party is experiencing pain or just feels off, don’t ignore the bodys’ warning. It can be frustrating that you drove a couple hours to hike and while on the trail you need to turn around after only going half a mile. No hike is worth risking your body, the hike will most likely be there to try again.

Safety is in the forefront of my mind while preparing for a hike.

Here is a small list of safety tips:

  • Research the hike and area a few days before heading out. I use the All Trails app for this.
  • Let someone in town know where you are headed to and when you will be expecting to be back.
  • Bring a pack with water and snacks. Even a small one mile hike can be taxing and something can go wrong.
  • Wear the right clothing and footwear. (Don’t wear cotton in the winter. When cotton gets wet it traps the moisture against your body, and this can cause hypothermia. The saying is that cotton kills for a reason.) Sturdy shoes are recommended for most hikes. NEVER flip flops!!
  • Check with the weather forecast for the area of the hike.
  • Don’t go off the path.
  • Hike with plenty of daylight, this will be different if you decide to overnight backpack.

Hiking poles are in my personal opinion one of the best items someone can bring on a hike. They may look stupid, however they can reduce the stress on your knees. The poles help with balance, load distribution if you are wearing a pack, and can help right yourself if you feel as if you are going to fall over. Trekking poles can also help keep people and animals out of your personal space while on a trail.

Chiropractic Eugene OR Hiking Gear

Speaking of appropriate clothing, a huge part of what to wear is boiled down to what time of the year you are going out. Fall and winter hiking depending on the elevation of a sturdy raincoat is a must. Layers are very important during fall/winter hike. Sweating too much in these seasons can be dangerous. Spring is the most unpredictable season to hike. I personally hate this season because it can be sunny at the start of the hike, hail in the middle, and snow at the end. Summer is my next hated season. I don’t like the heat, so I need to get up very early to beat the heat. Waterfalls are the best in winter and spring.

A list of easy hikes within an hour of Eugene:

  • Mt. Pisgah around the bottom is flat and a nice easy walk.
  • Spencers Butte can be a little bit of a challenge however the view of the valley is worth it.
  • Mary’s Peak outside of Corvallis is wonderful for views.
  • Ridgeline trail system in Eugene(I enjoy the foxhollow section)
  • Moon and Spirit falls outside of Cottage Grove.(This one is two hours away, however very much worth the drive.)

Chiropractic Eugene OR Waterfall

Moon Falls

Kayaking for relaxation

I love to get out on a body of water and just paddle around. Kayaking is great for giving the upper portion of the body a workout. When paddling correctly the core will be activated as well. The same rule about telling someone where you are is just as important when going out on the water. Oregon is a great state to kayak in, there are so many amazing lakes to paddle on.

Chiropractic Eugene OR Lake

Fern Ridge Reservoir

Kayaking is a nice change from hiking and gives me exercise in a different manner. I personally feel as though kayaking is a little more accessible to people that may have a harder time walking or hiking. Some lakes even have a kayak launch that makes it easier for people with disabilities to be able to enjoy the sport.

In conclusion, incorporating some outdoor activity in your life can change the way you interact with the world. If you set aside time to at least move as much as you are able to, doors to new experiences can open to you.

Chiropractic Eugene OR Hiking

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