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My Mom went to New York Chiropractic College when I was in middle school and my friends and I started getting adjusted regularly to help her with her clinic hours. It was instilled in me at a young age how important chiropractic care is, and it has remained a part of my family’s wellness plan since then. Many people don’t know that humans of all ages can benefit from regular chiropractic care, and that includes babies and kids too.

My daughter Jadyn started getting adjusted by Dr. Landyn at Cascade Chiropractic when she was only 6 weeks old, and my son Westyn had his first adjustment at a home visit by Dr. Jenn when he was only 2 days old! Did you know that many subluxations often occur during birth?

Pediatric chiropractic refers to the practice of chiropractic on kids. Since little bodies are still growing, Chiropractors have additional training to ensure that the care they provide is appropriate and safe. If you have benefitted from Chiropractic care yourself, you probably are reaping the benefits in your own life. You may wonder what ailments young people possibly may have that could be reasons for seeing a chiropractor. Here are some of the most popular benefits associated with pediatric chiropractic care and why you should get your kids checked ASAP!

Boosts the Immune System

Especially in these covid crazy times, it is important that we do as much as we can as parents to support our kiddos' immune systems so they stay strong and fight illness. Until age 8, children are more susceptible to disease because their immune system remains immature. Chiropractic treatment has been shown to be beneficial to supporting immune function, helping to fight illness. Areas of pressure or compression within the spine can compromise the effectiveness of their immune system. Eliminating areas of pressure can improve blood flow and enable all body systems to work more efficiently. A healthy, balanced diet is ALSO essential for a fully functional immune system;)

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Promote Brain Development, Focus & Behavior

Who knew you could help with brain development with a correction to their body? Studies have found that regular pediatric chiropractic appointments can be beneficial in boosting your child’s brain development. By reducing pressure on the bones and joints and well as the spine through correcting subluxations, it enables oxygenated blood and nutrients to reach and fuel the brain cells.

With improved brain power comes better focus. A regulated nervous system contributes to balanced hormones which can also lead to improved behavior. Awesomesauce!

Improve Sleep

Spinal misalignments in your child’s spine could be making it harder for them to fall asleep or stay asleep. The misalignment could be causing stiffness, pain, or just minor discomfort that wakes them up when they should be sleeping, or affects the quality of their sleep, making them grumpy and irritable. Regular chiropractic adjustments that realign the spine have been proven to help improve sleep quality and quantity in both adults and children!

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Injury Prevention

Let’s face it - kids are accident-prone. Because your chiropractor specializes in making sure that the spine and wider musculoskeletal system are properly aligned, their bodies have a full range of movement, proper balance, and strong muscles that may help prevent serious injury.

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Help With Common Childhood Illnesses

There are many common childhood illnesses that chiropractic is used to treat including earaches, asthma, digestive issues, sinus congestion, colic, reflux, and allergies. The symptoms can be improved through regular chiropractic adjustments by eliminating the pressure on the nervous system, allowing blood and oxygen to flow around the body more efficiently, improving the way that all your child’s body systems work.

If you’re interested in pediatric chiropractic care for your kiddo, please give us a ring or shoot us a text at (541) 343- 5633 to learn more.

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