Celebrate The Earth in Eugene OR

Celebrate The Earth in Eugene OR

Celebrate The Earth in Eugene OR

Change starts with action. What actions can you take to make a change in the world around you? Here is a list of 25 earth-friendly initiatives in Eugene OR you can make now and join us in celebrating the earth!

25 things you can do to save our planet in Eugene OR!

  1. Plant a tree.
  2. Be an activist, and fight for climate change.
  3. Make a donation to a non-profit organization that supports the planet, like McKenzie River Trust
  4. Join a cleanup, volunteer with McKenzie River Trust
  5. Use a reusable water bottle
  6. Eat a plant-based meal.
  7. Use reusable eating utensils.
  8. Carry a reusable shopping bag.
  9. Go paperless.
  10. Eliminate using plastic.
  11. Compost.
  12. Meal prep.
  13. Go pesticide-free.
  14. Buy local food.
  15. Take shorter showers.
  16. Turn off lights when not in use.
  17. Use environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  18. Reduce. Use less, buy less, and wear your clothes more than once.
  19. Reuse. Join your local Buy Nothing Facebook group.
  20. Recycle.
  21. Use energy-efficient light bulbs.
  22. Bike more, drive less.
  23. Store food in reusable containers.
  24. Join a conservation organization.
  25. Teach children how to respect nature and the environment.

Instagram Challenge

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Join us in making changes to benefit our planet, for each one that you share on social media, you’ll earn a raffle ticket - the more raffle tickets you earn, the better chances you have of winning!

​Here's how to participate:

  1. Follow Pure Life Chiropractic, McKenzie River Trust, and Earth Day Oregon on Instagram (@pure_life_chiro, @mckenzierivertrust, @earthdayoregon)
  2. Take an engaging photo of you making the world a better place
  3. Tag all 3 companies in the photo
  4. Use hashtags #earthdayoregon #earthdayplc
  5. Share

McKenzie River Trust

We are sponsoring McKenzie River Trust this month, all raffle donations will go directly to their organization because we are proud of what they do to protect Oregon's natural lands.

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